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(structural biology)


This course mediates the basic knowledge of the main methods (X-ray crystallography, NMR, and EM) used to determine the three dimensional structure of bio-macro molecules. The students learn which requirements are necessary for the successful use of the particular methods and gain the skill to critical review the three dimensional structure of bio-macro molecules and the related publications.

Language: German

Biologische Chemie

(biological chemistry)


The basic knowledge of glycobiology, bioinorganic chemistry and protein chemistry are mediated.

Language: German


(protein crystallography)


The participant will get an overview of the individual working steps of the structure determination of proteins by single crystal X-ray diffraction. Different techniques of protein crystallization, data collection and evaluation as well as structure determination will be learned.

Language: German, English by request


(protein biochemistry)


The participant will gain an overview of the major protein expression and purification techniques. The students will learn the basics for the design of vectors for the expression of modified protein variants and protein constructs. The will ably various bioinformatic tools for the design. They will perform the molecular biological working steps. The students will perform protein expression tests in various expression systems. The students will be trained in protein purification using various techniques (e.g. IEX, AC, HIC, SEC). In the end the will be able to express and purify proteins for further scientific research.

Language: German, English by request


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