Structural Biology Group


The major focus of our research is related to the characterization of the so called structure-function-relationship of bio-macromolecules. For the determination of the three-dimensional structure we are using X-ray single crystal diffraction. For the functional characterization of the enzymatic activity and/or complex formation with other bio-macromolecules we make use of different biophysical methods like affinity chromatography, fluorescence spectroscopy, surface plasmon resonance spectroscopy, light scattering and mass spectrometry. In our laboratory we have access to all equipment needed in molecular biology (PCR, sequencing, gel imaging), expression (10 l fermentation and different incubators), purification (different Äkta systems and HPLC), crystallization (Mosquito), X-ray data collection (MarµX) and structure refinement. To characterize the function and regulation of our target proteins we take advantage of molecular- and cell biological setups. This includes enzymatic activity assays, flow cytometry, fluorescence microscopy, co-immunoprecipitation, cell surface biotinylation and Western blotting. Beside endogen expression we modify expression levels by overexpression or by knockout using the CRISPR/Cas9 system or shRNA in different eukaryotic cell lines.

Our research topics are related to

  • Signal transduction
  • Biotransformation
  • Metabolism
  • Kinetic and time-resolved protein crystallography
  • Sensory proteins
  • Extracellular oxidoreduktases
  • Thiol-Switches
  • Regulation of ectodomain shedding


Protein structures and their PDB entries determined by us:

DNA-Methyltransferase Dehydrogenase
mtaq_dna_ribbon_display.jpg gatdh_tetramer_ribbon.jpg
1G38, 2IH5, 2NP7, 2IBS, 2IBT, 2IH2, 2IH4, 2JG3, 2NP6 3LQF, 2WDZ, 2WSB
Phosphatase  MurA
ptp_sl_ribbon_display.jpg  mura_inhibitor2.jpg
BvHSS ribbon representation  ckcACD1 ribbon representation
4PLP, 4TVB, 4XR4, 4XQ9, 4XQC, 4XQE, 4XRG, 4XQG  4XYL, 4XYM, 4XZ3, 4Y8V, 4YAK,4YAJ, 4YB8, 4YBZ, 5HBR
 SoxXA ribbon representation