Structural Biology Group

Redox proteins involved in sulfur oxidation and carbohydrate modification

sox_reaction_cycle.jpgThe sox (sulfur oxidizing system) gene cluster in Paracoccus pantotrophus consists of 15 genes. The 7 essential proteins build the 4 protein complexes SoxXA, SoxYZ, SoxB and SoxCD. These proteins are quite different in their type and their proposed catalytic reaction. In cooperation with Prof. C. Friedrich (University Dortmund) we determine the structure of selected members of this sox gene cluster.

gatdh_tetramer_ribbon.jpgIn cooperation with Prof. F. Giffhorn (University Saarland) we are working on the structure-function characterization of different dehydrogenases converting carbohydrates as their major substrates. These projects have some relation to biotechnology and protein design.