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  Courses of the Bachelor degree program

Activity Module Comment

Grundlagen der Biochemie

(Basics of biochemistry)


The participant archive basic competence about chemical structures and reactions of the biochemical classes of substances DNA, RNA, proteins, lipids and carbohydrates. The basic knowledge of enzymatic reactions, the regulation of enzymes and the evaluation of protein activity will be communicated. The main metabolic processes, their reactions and the understanding for the thermodynamical principles will be learned.

Language: German

Grundpraktikum Biochemie und Molekularbiologie

(Basic practical course of biochemistry and molecular biology)


The students gain the skill to select independently methods to answer a given scientific problem. They are able to develop experimental design regarding a presented problem or question. The self-achieved data can be meaningful interpreted, presented and critical assessed.  

Language: German.

Molekulare Biophysik

(Molecular biophysics)


In this course you learn, …

… which modern methods are available to measure qualitative and quantitative receptor-ligand interactions.

… which question can be answered with a certain method and which not.

… which sample material is needed for a particular method.

… which methods are available to unravel three-dimensional structures of bio-macro molecules.

… which advantages and disadvantages these methods have.

… and a touch more.

Language: German


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